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A new beginning

I've never really liked January.  Christmas is over.  Days remain short.  Weather is cold.  And worst of all, there is all sorts of pressure to make resolutions that this New Year will finally be the time when all of our old, bad habits are broken and replaced with new routines that suddenly transform our bodies into Adonis, our minds into Aristotle, and our domesticity skills into something that suddenly surpasses those of Martha Stewart in her pre-prison hay day.

After decades of working in corporate America, I became a maven of goal setting.  I quickly learned that each and every goal should be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely (SMART).  And I learned to under-commit and over-deliver.  Fittingly, each New Year's Resolution, therefore, was to not do New Years Resolutions.   And I'm proud to say that I have met that goal for many, many years.

My life, however, has changed.